2-16-13: When God’s Glory is Gone

February 16, 2013 by AICM

Episode 10 - When God’s Glory is Gone

Ezekiel 10:18 “…then the glory of the Lord departed.”

It’s one of the most terrible statements contained in the Bible. Everything good that we still enjoy on this Earth comes from the Father of Lights. Thus, a life, a family, a church, an institution or a world from where God departs remains in a state of evil and wickedness. This coming Saturday we’ll take a look at four factors worthy of consideration when we’re talking about God’s glory departing. Here is a brief description of each:

  1. It is a possibility. In the Bible over again this possibility is mentioned at the personal and corporate level: the flood, the fire over Sodom and Gomorra; the people of Israel who left without His presence; Samson for a while, David for a short time, Saul for the last years of his life as well as others. This is historical evidence of the reality that God’s glory can leave.
  2. God’s reason for leaving. Simply put, God is Holy. The angels who remain in His continuous presence remind us of His holiness: “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord…” The reason God leaves is due to sin’s a degeneration and Lawlessness, which is an affront and reproach of God followed by abandonment of God.
  3. The hesitation of God’s departing. It looks like God is reluctant to leave His people even after they abandon Him. Don’t you see that the goodness of the Lord is His supreme argument in His call to repentance?
  4. The outcome of God’s glory departing. Israel experienced God’s departure with terrible consequences. Some died right away after God left while others lived on just to discover how terrifying life is without Him.

Is the Spirit’s intention to terrorize us with the thought that one day God could be so displeased with our sin that He would leave us? Is He trying to warn us about the dangers of taking God’s presence for granted? Certainly not. He does it because God is transparent regarding His ways. Knowing that God’s presence is the absolute manifestation of His grace and that it cannot be taken for granted is the reason God speaks. He will always speak the truth. Because of this we will always know where we stand with God.



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